Quilt easy, quilt weightless!

100% Wool Batting

100% Wool Batting

The perfect bat for your perfect quilt!

Wool batting meets the needs of today's machine quilters. Lightweight, breathable, natural fibers easily roll into a compact bundle for quilting on any domestic machine. These same fibers spring back into shape to create lofty dimension that highlights stitches.

Wool batting gives warmth without adding weight - a crucial element when quilting by machine. Wool batting can be quilted up to 4" apart and still retain it's high loft.

    Why use 100% wool?

    • Wool batting provides superb insulation. The fiber breathes, allowing excess heat to disperse away from the body.
    • Wool gives warmth without weight. It is naturally hygroscopic and can absorb up to 30% its own weight in moisture without feeling damp.
    • Tiny fibers trap air, forming an insulating barrier that gives warmth in a lightweight batt.
    • Loft retention is excellent, as the fiber sticks to itself to create airspace, instead of relying solely on resins to glue the airspace together.
    • Wool can be quilted up to 4” apart.
    • Wool is lightly resinated to provide stability and retard fiber migration.
    • Wool batts are naturally mildew resistant and resistant to moth damage when quilted with cotton fabrics.

    Available in Twin size 72" x 96"