Quilt easy, quilt weightless!
Free-Motion Learning Panel

Free-Motion Learning Panel

Free-Motion Learning Panel

Training panel designed for use with the Weightless Quilter


It's Easy!

Using the Weightless Quilter makes the task of machine quilting effortless and enjoyable so you can concentrate on quilting and not the weight of the bundle. Follow the step-by-step instructions written by quilting expert Joanie Zeier Poole and improve your free-motion quilting skills.

"As a machine quilting educator for 15 years, I am well aware of the challenges we all encounter when learning this sought-after skill. We approach a new project questioning what to stitch first, last, and why. And now, with fabric designed to teach my methodology into each printed stitching line and pattern, you can achieve the machine quilting knowledge you have been hoping for." - Joanie Zeier Poole

Use this printed teaching panel and gain confidence in your quilting abilities! Designed by award winning quilter Joanie Zeier Poole you'll follow along the printed panel using matching thread to learn these techniques:

  • Channel fill
  • Grid fill
  • Circle fill
  • Spiral fill
  • String of Beads
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Flying Geese
  • Double Leaf
  • Curved Ladder

Finished size: 52" x 70" | 100% Combed Cotton