Quilt easy, quilt weightless!

About Us

The Weightless Quilter is an engineering marvel invented by Eileen Roche to solve the problem of fighting the bundle while quilting. The floor frame supports the weight of the quilt as you guide the quilt bundle with your hands, flexing poles mimic your movement in a free-motion dance. The Weightless Quilter lifts the quilt above the machine bed while you stitch without stress on your body. This is the solution every machine quilter has been looking for!

Eileen Roche is the editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine and is an innovator in her field developing many products in the embroidery and quilting industries to allow you to fulfill your creative passions.

We hope you enjoy our line of quilting products as much as we do. Thank you for stopping by.

You may contact us via email or toll-free should you need any help or have any questions about our products. Email: customerservices@dzgns.com or Toll-Free: 888-739-0555